Empire Pest Control Provides Service in Petaling Jaya Area

Empire Pest Control provides service in Petaling Jaya area of Malaysia. The company was established in 1997 by officers from a local business college who were seeking ways to improve the quality of the surrounding environment and they have succeeded in that aim. They take great care to advertise their services in the area so as to draw a maximum number of clients, which they have done successfully so far. When people contact them for the first time, they will ask them for documentation like proof of residency and a copy of their license.

Empire Pest Control Provides Service in Petaling Jaya Area

This is important because Empire Pest Control provides service in Petaling Jaya area under the category of limited company, which only allows company owners to conduct pest control activities in the areas where they have received a license. Once the license has been issued, they can freely conduct the monitoring and inspection of their premises and use any and all methods they feel appropriate to deal with pests. They are required to inform all residents of the presence of their vehicles, equipment and other related items and maintain posted warning posters of the same. Any damage caused to properties or personal belongings by these pests must be reported immediately so that appropriate actions can be taken by the authorities.

In the Petaling Jaya area, a minimum of three trucks and two vehicles are always parked in the morning just before the sun rises so as to avoid the use of pesticides that can damage the ground and plants. Pest control methods that are preferred by the company include fumigation, which is done using gas, and traps, which are manually operated. Fumigation happens when the trucks spray chemicals known as ‘nitrates’ on the affected areas in the early morning and early afternoon hours to kill the insects that are feeding on the human food supply. Traps are manual-operated and they are placed in strategic positions to catch the pests.


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