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Buy Marijuana Online in Canada – Is it Really Possible?

If you are looking to buy cannabis online on Cannabis Kings Canada, one thing you want to know is the differences between ordering through a Canadian mail order company versus ordering through a distributor. The main difference between the two is that with the mail order system, the customer has the choice of buying directly from the producer, which can be more expensive, or they can choose to go through a third party retailer such as the local bud shop in their area. With the mail-order system, the customer is only able to choose from certain strains of marijuana and cannot be sure of the potency or quality of the product they are ordering. In a lot of cases, people who are using mail order systems aren’t doing it because they are receiving a better price or product, they are doing it because they have a legitimate reason to use the mail order system and are unable to find a local retailer in their area.


When a person decides to buy cannabis online in Canada, they will be going through a third party company, usually a licensed distributor. This third party is responsible for verifying the age of the customer, the validity of their Canada business licence, ensuring that the products are shipped out of their facilities, and keeping an accurate database of each customer’s personal information. This database is used to ensure that no sales are made to customers who don’t meet the requirements and to keep track of transactions that do happen. The distributors in Canada are also regulated by different laws and cannot sell products that are illegal. Distributors can’t be run by anyone who has ever been convicted of an offense involving the sale or distribution of a controlled substance and can only sell products that are in accordance with the Controlled Drugs Act and other applicable laws.


The downside to the mail order system is that you have to pay for your product right at the distributor’s door, meaning you have to purchase it ahead of time when you know you will need it. If you don’t want to purchase it through a distributor, there are a lot of online stores where you can purchase discreetly and safely. Some of the best discreet marijuana products come from United States companies like Cold Medicine, which offers strains from famous marijuana strains like White Widow and Black Cindy. These are imported and produced in small batches, allowing buyers the ability to buy high quality, extremely discreet and affordable cannabis products.

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