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How to Choose the Right Steel Garden Edging

Garden edging has been around for years but not as popular as it once was. While there are many different types of garden edging available you really want to think about the look you are trying to achieve, your budget and how much maintenance you are willing to spend on your garden edging. Steel Landscaping Edging – The easiest type of steel garden edging to install is what is called ‘roll steel’. This is just wide, rounded steel that is easy to handle. Read more.

Choose the Right Steel Garden Edging

Steel Landscape Edging – There are two types of steel garden edging, the first is what is known as ‘roll steel’ and the other is what is called’bends’. The first type is easier to install because all you have to do is unscrew the nuts and bolts, place the stake or rows, and then hammer in the screws to hold it all together. Then you just straighten it out by hand and you are done! The bends are not as easy to use but they do make the yard look more decorative.

Steel Landscaping Edging – The second most popular steel garden edging material is what is called a ‘bendable’ fence. These bendable fences can be made from wood, plastic, and metal. There are many companies that make and supply both types of fence. They usually come with either stainless steel or aluminum and they also offer plastic and wood that are just as good but much less expensive. Some of the plastic models cost about the same as wood and the aluminum does have an edge over the wood.

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