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Pasma Training Courses

Pasma training courses are offered by many companies across Australia as a way of gaining access to an exciting and new line of work. Pasma stands for Private Automatic Safety Modules and there are two types of lifts that are involved in this industry, tower and portable. The Pasma system can be built in to any building and is made from a hard wearing aluminium tube with a safety guard at both the top and bottom. The Pasma equipment offers a completely safe environment for all those working on site. This training course covers all aspects of the equipment and how it operates. Resource for more articles.

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The Pasma training courses provide you with all the information you need to know about the safety procedures and equipment involved in working on towers. You will also learn about the various height regulations in Australia and the hazards associated with working on height. The course also looks at the impact of using the Pasma system on your daily life and the legal issues surrounding it. This training course covers everything from the basics right through to the advanced topics which are very detailed and will take into account all aspects of Pasma operations and use.

The Pasma training courses will prepare you well for the job you’re after, whether you require short term or long term work. The associations that run these training courses are fully accredited and you will be guaranteed the best quality material by the manufacturers association. This association has been around for many years now and is one of the most prestigious organisations in the construction industry. This training course is the perfect way to gain access to a highly competitive industry and all the information you need to get started off with your career.

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