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Social Entrepreneur Craig Kielburger

In his keynote speech, Social Entrepreneur Craig Kielburger will tell audiences how he started a global movement before he was thirteen. The powerful story of his youth and how he made an impact around the world will leave you inspired. The story is full of humor and serious subjects, but the main message will stay the same: the power of a single person can make a huge difference. If you’re wondering where he got his ideas, Kielburger is the man to ask.

Why Need to KNow Social Entrepreneur Craig Kielburger

A born and raised Canadian, Craig Kielburger was already an accomplished child activist before graduating from college. At the age of fifteen, he became involved with children’s rights organizations and was accepted into the University of Toronto’s Peace and Conflict Studies program. He graduated from the Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA program at York University in 2009 and is currently the head of the ME to WE social enterprise. He is not afraid of challenges.

The social entrepreneur Craig Kielburger was raised in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Trinity College at the University of Toronto and later completed his MBA at the Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA program. Although his first two business ventures were not exactly profitable, they were both successful. During these early stages, Kielburger’s parents were his primary supporters. He also writes for the Edmonton Journal and Victoria Times Colonist.

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